Every module is associated with lot of experiments and sufficient assignments. Learn by doing projects that employers value.  Working always with live examples using simulators and on special Hardware without restriction. ‘0’ DAY Start – Students will work on hands-on projects. Not just watch/listen lectures from DAY 0.

Executing a mini project is mandated at the end of every module. A good guidance program would help students get not only a job but a good career

Our training programs are designed to provide participants with an active and relevant learning experience. Our resources and methodologies include:


In order to understand better of every topic, every trainee should do prescribed assignments before and after the topic is discussed.

Every Class has Q&A Session

Every trainee is encouraged to ask and prepare questions (new) to understand the topic better.

Lab & Environment

Aura created a lab environment where the environment is as close as real time environment.

Tools Used Everyday

Aura is equipped with different tools for compiling, debugging, version controls.