Final year project is one of the most important aspects of the degree. Academic project is the one where applying knowledge gained in 4 years. This is the activity which transforms ordinary graduate to a professional. It is the way of getting exposure and experience of what real world problems are. It will inevitably be used as a gateway to industry and to discriminate STUDENT among peers.

C and Operating System Based

  • CPU Overload Detection (OVD)
  • CPU Overload Control (OVC)
  • Measuring Systems Memory Occupancy (MMO)
  • Controlling Memory Occupancy (CMO)
  • MMM (Memory Management Module)
  • IPC Engine (Client Server programming using MQ)
  • MemScope (Scope Tool)

C, OS and Embedded Linux Based

  • Porting OVDC to ucLinux
  • Pseudo Driver Implementation
  • Character Driver Implementation

C, OS and TCP/IP protocol Based

  • Client Server programming using Sockets
  • CANSim - CAN protocol simulator (Using sockets/MQs)
  • DHCP Client
  • SMS Broadcaster (SMSB)
  • SMTP Client
  • POP3 Client
  • WGET Client
  • SNTP Client
  • TFTP Client
  • RPC Engine