I am Sudeep Reddy . I am having Memorable Experience; relationship with Aura Networks. Now i am working in Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd., Before joining in Aura, I was a normal student and nothing in basic technical skills. While doing assignments, I was always thinking that I knew those. But the techniques in those small programs helped me to do big programs and I could become expert in C and Linux.

Later with the help of Aura I developed my skills technically which also helps in getting jobs in two big companies which are HCL and Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd.,

The most I learn from Bhagavan (Aura) is the way you look into problem. The projects that are done here, are quiet interesting (real time projects) and has wide scope which I find more worth and interesting.

All together I can say it is best place to learn and proves you in getting unique identity in IT industry. It is the place provides enough flexibility to acquire knowledge.

I wish you all the best who are keen to accept challenges to taste the success by join in Aura family. I welcome you to join the Aura family with confidence.