Course Design & Objectives

Understanding different video formats. Understanding different Container formats and compression techniques.

This module helps in understanding different container (video and audio). Also helps in changing the container formats from one to another. Example mp4 to flv format, updating the metadata video file.

You will Learn

  • Understanding container format
  • Muxing and De-Muxing
  • Understanding Compression techniques
  • Metadata Injection
  • Dynamically Building SRT files (Sub Title files)
  • Simulating Trick Modes
  • Understanding different frames an applying numbers for each

Course Outline

  • What is Container format
  • What is H.264 and other formats
  • What are the compression techniques
  • How Frames are organized in a container
  • The most Popular format FLV vs MP4
  • What is Muxing and De-Muxing?
  • What is metadata?

15 Days

Who Should Attend

People who are interested in working Video and Audio files. Ex DVB Domain, Video surveillance domain.

Starting Date & Location:

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