Course Design & Objectives

Clear understanding Operating System behavior in multi process environment.  To give clear picture on scheduling and Memory management.

You will Learn

  • Understanding multiprocess environment (Process Management)
  • How the file are managed internally (FS Management)
  • How Memory is shared across processes and Kernel (Memory Management)
  • How IO device handled by Kernel (I/O Management)
  • Communication and data transfer between processes and Kernel (Inter Process Communication)

Course Outline

  • File Management –  Inode, Structure of a regular file, Super Block, INODE assignment to a new file, Allocation of disk blocks
  • Process Management –  Process states and Transition, Layout of a system memory, Process context, Process Scheduling
  • Memory Management – Swapping, Demand paging, Segmentation and regions, Page out and swapping
  • I/O Management – Driver interfaces, Disk Drivers, Terminal Drivers
  • IPC – Pipes and FIFOs, Message queues, Client and Server communication Using Message queues, Different kinds of Semaphores, Shared Memory, Signals

15 Days

Who Should Attend

People who is interested in working with Datacom, Telecom, Drivers implementation, Video & Audio formats etc.

Starting Date & Location:

Linux, File System, IPC


C & Data Structures