Course Design & Objectives

Understanding and writing Kernel Modules and making them to communicate with Devices.

A device driver simplifies programming by acting as translator between a hardware device and the applications or operating systems that use it.

This module covers the Architecture of Kernel, Building communication between User Application and Kernel Modules. Enables user to write a Character, Block and Pseudo Drivers.

You will Learn

  • Understanding Kernel
  • Difference between User Mode and Kernel Mode
  • Building Kernel Module
  • Communication between User Program and Kernel Module
  • Building communication between Kernel Modules
  • Debugging Kernel Modules

Course Outline

  • What is of Kernel
  • User Space Vs Kernel Space
  • System call interface, Kernel Space, hardware
  • Linux Kernel Startup
  • Linux Kernel configuration
  • Make utilities
  • Building Kernel Modules
  • Writing Pseudo Drivers
  • Roles of Drivers
  • Building communication with Driver Modules

30 Days

Who Should Attend

People who are interested in working devices, drivers and low level programming.

Starting Date & Location:

Linux, Kernel & Kernel Modules