Course Design & Objectives

Adv.C – An intensive training targeted to cover a wide range topics with live and simple examples followed sufficient assignments.
DS – This covers all practical data structures associated with plenty of assignments.

You will Learn

  • To have a clear concept of C language with examples.
  • Should feel confident in using all tools which are used in real time environment in the industry
  • Clear understanding in using data structures
  • Designing data structures
  • Practical problems in implementation

Course Outline

  • Understanding Development tools and environment
  • Compilation stages, Usage of Makefile & utilities, Creating archives
  • Debugging techniques using GDB, Version controls with CVS
  • Storage sections, understanding Functions and Pointers
  • Working with Arrays, Structures and Unions, Bitwise operations and File manipulations
  • Strings – Parsing strings, Building messages
  • Arrays – Sorting, Deleting elements, Adding elements to array
  • Linked list – Single Liked list, Double linked list, Hashed list, Circular list
  • Searching – Linear search, Binary search, Hash based searching

40 Days

Who Should Attend

People who is interested in pursuing their career in system domain. Ex. Datacom, Telecom, Drivers implementation, Video & Audio formats etc.

Starting Date & Location:

Linux, gdb, makefile, Version control system and GCC compilers


Basic C Programming