I am Lakshmi Sreekanth, I’m here to express few words about AURA  NETWORKS. Before joining in Aura, I was a normal student with basic skills. Later with the help of Aura I developed my skills technically which also helps in getting jobs in two big companies which are HCL and Sasken.
The way the AURA staff  teaches the concepts made me very comfortable in developing my skills.
The company after joining in Aura I attended was NDS, but unfortunately I lost the company in the written test only. After that I worked very seriously & hardly (12 hrs/day) and also I did 2 projects in Perl on my own, which gains a lot of confidence on me.
After that I attended HCL & Sasken where I got offers from  both the companies. I accepted offer from Sasken, now I am working with Sasken client Nokia.