I am  Jitendra varma.B . I have the honour to introduce myself as a member of “AURA NETWORKS”.  Basically from electrical  background I am not interested in a position to handle computer programming .But  When I started, I was just normal guy, used to do some basic programming where I struggled a lot. I felt it like a failure.
I was upset and frustrated. Then Bhagavan Sir told me a simple word “THINK” ,which brings me a lot of difference in doing programming and personal life too . Then Every day I feel so good when I am working on programs .I know it sounds very emotional– but I really loved working on it .Bhagavan sir helped me a lot and played a key role for my SUCCESS.
Then I was surprised.  In fact, I am still surprised and shocked because I got job  in KPIT CUMMINS INFOSYSTEMS LTD with a good package. To be honest, I’m kind of nervous by all of this attention.  You know, I’m just a regular person who got lucky and found a great training methodologies, projects.
Finally I would like to say one thing about “AURA NETWORKS” is………
“The way he TEACH US………. The way you THINK…………The way  to SUCCESS”.
I hope you will have great success and I will be so happy when you  tell me your success story! . I love to hear about your success and enjoy the course. I promise I will do my best to help you. it is my honor to help  you.