Course Design & Objectives

Goal of this course is to help you understand existing and to design new data structures and algorithms. This course is suitable for working professionals willing to relearn and refresh their algorithmic thinking skills and to those searching for jobs. The course would be quite rigorous where we shall focus on runtime complexity and correctness proofs for all the algorithms.


You will Learn

This course will benefit you to perform your programming jobs better and also help you to get to better positions, with confidence, in case you are looking out for jobs. This course will help you to handle Algorithm based interview with more confidence.


Course Outline

  • Asymptotic Notations
  • Trees and Heaps
  • Hashing
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Graphs
  • Greedy Method
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Introduction to NP-Completeness



50 Hrs (Spread over 10 Weekends)

Who Should Attend

B.Tech/MCA Students loking for data structures coaching
Job seekers who are preparing for interview in Product MNC/ecommerce companies
Anyone who has deep desire to learn Data Structures And Algorithms.


Knowledge of any programming language (trainer’s preference would be C Language) is assumed along with some mathematical maturity.